Inflatable Life Vests

Float Tech Inflatable Life Vest


The Float Tech Inflatable Life Vest is USCG approved and is the essence of the Float-Tech PFD system. This inflatable liner can be purchased and worn just as any inflatable, however, it has the advantage of being able to compatible and integrated within Float-Tech Boating and Sailing Outerwear. This Float-Tech Inflatable Life Vest is a great choice for offshore sailing, recreational boating, fishing and paddle sports.

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Available in Yellow or Black and Includes a 3M reflective Zipper Cover when not being used inside the optional Float-Tech Outerwear

  • PFD Model #: FT-HRA-R5
  • USCG Type: Type V with Type III performance
  • Reliable auto inflation within 3-5 seconds with 26 lbs. of buoyancy and excellent free-board and turnover performance, all exceeding US Coast Guard requirements
  • Comes complete with two manual inflation backups, an auto-manual Halkey-Roberts inflator, adjustable lower buckle, non-corrosive vislon zipper, and storage sleeve for spare CO2
  • The PFD, made of high performance SolarmaxTM nylon, is durable and long lasting fabric for active outdoor use
  • Lightweight comfort ensures that it will not weigh down on your neck, shoulders and back
  • Vest can be armed as Automatic Inflatable or Converted to Manual Inflation only with included hardware