Re-Arming Kits

Halkey-Roberts 840AMU Manual, 25 gram CO2, 3/8" Thread, Inflatable PFD Rearming Kit SOSpenders Re-Arm Kit 25MRP, 25MRP-1 Stearns Re-Arm Kit 0905


Manual Re-Arming Kits for Halkey-Roberts 6F Inflators. Kit includes: Green Indicator Pin/Clip (1), and 25 Gram CO2 Canister (1).

These kit types are generally used on older model SOSpenders Inflatable Life Vests/PFD's, older model Stearns Inflatable Life Vests/PFD's, and older model Mustang Survival Inflatable Life Vests/PFD's manual inflatables.

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