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Service Kit for Halkey-Roberts (V85000, 840AMU) and SECUMAR (3001S) Inflators


Looking to complete the manufacturers recommended Service interval? This kit comes with all key components necessary to service the Halkey-Roberts V85000 Auto Inflator, the 840AMU Manual Inflator, and the SECUMAR 3001S Inflator

Kit Includes:

  • Complete Servicing Instructions
  • Service and Lot Record
  • Halkey-Roberts 8491AM Top Gasket
  • Halkey-Roberts 8492AM Bottom Gasket
  • Halkey-Roberts 849AM 3/8 in Cylinder Gasket
  • Halkey-Roberts 849AML 1/2 in Cylinder Gasket
  • Halkey-Roberts 832AO Manifold Valve Core
  • Halkey-Roberts 833AOI Cap Nut
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